Ashley was born on January 28,1994 she grew  up as a church girl from Detroit Michigan, Ashley has always a special spot in her heart for the Arts. Being involved with the church was very important. she She would sing in the choir; she was a praise and worship dancer and help out a church functions and thing like that. So she grew up so not realize she was learning, she grew up watching all the musicians. she began paying closer attention to the drummer. How he would manipulate the beat always intrigued young Ashley. So she’d spend countless Sundays watching him play and would try to play what he would.

So by the age of 13 she decided to play at church one Thursday night. After that she started  playing at for $20.00 a week every Sunday at church. After playing for so long Ashley saw improvement. This inspired her to keep and see how this pans out. So her senior year of high school she decided to look up music collages she stumbled upon Mcnally Smith Collage of Music . So at the age of 18 she decided to go to an open house then she attended  camp. Seeing how the school was ran and how talented the students were inspired her to apply as for an Associate Degree as a percussion major. the auditions were a little rough. The very first time she auditioned she didn’t pass the audition but he wanted her to return. so that’s what she didn’t she worked very hard took a few private lesson then went back and got accepted. After one semester of drumming she  later switched to business degree program. Now is working on countless projects to promote herself this bio isn’t finished its just getting started……….



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